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Greetings! My name is Griffin, and I'm a film, television, and stage actor. I recently graduated with my BFA in Acting and my BA in Arts Administration from Elon University. Originally from Lexington, South Carolina, I grew up doing seemingly everything but performing. I tried all kinds of different sports, music, visual arts, and more, but nothing ever really stuck until I finally fell into an acting class in high school, which is ironic seeing as I either hated or fell asleep at every single show my parents took me to when I was little (including The Wiggles (LIVE!)). After taking that class, it felt like everything just clicked into place for me. I dropped all of my other commitments to fully immerse myself into acting after feeling like I'd been missing out for so long.

My desire to act grew throughout high school, which eventually led me to pursue a BFA at Elon University in North Carolina. While at Elon, I've gotten to explore a wide variety of performance opportunities through both film and stage, while also working as a tour guide and diversity ambassador.

While not performing, you can catch me playing video games, planning out my Survivor strategy, checking the Pokemon Go app everywhere I go, and getting just a little too invested in game nights with friends.

Thanks for visiting my website!

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